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What attendees say

APS Online Academy

It brings me great joy to disseminate Study Technology and LRH's educational philosophy, for these are the very tools that make it possible for students to fulfill their dreams. Being at convention where EVERYONE in attendance has this same desire, the desire to bring Study Technology to every corner of the world, makes for a very special event indeed! Without doubt, this year's convention has strengthened our bonds and this camaraderie will naturally contribute greatly to expansion within our network! Thank you to all APS and ABLE International staff for your love and care and for making convention time 

the best time of the year! 

– Carlynn McCormick

APS Ireland

Great projects, great results on the field of education, well presented. Venue super! Different topics were touched with lessons, so for everybody something they liked and can apply to their projects. It is a great way to explore educational projects and to meet up with like-minded people who want to have comprehensive education. A door-opener , incredible networking space, because the attendees are people you would not see usually in the same place at one time.

-Dany Gatzke

Ability School NJ

I absolutely loved the Convention and it really inspired me. I realized I had lost some of the zing I had as an educator and that was rehabilitated by just being with a group that has a common purposeful game. I had not been to APS Int for many years, so it was wonderful to be there and see the campus. It brought back quite a few pleasure moments from earlier trips. I was rekindled on my 

purpose as an educator! 

– Beth Eurell

APS CIS (Russia)

I attend the APS Convention because for me it is an opportunity to talk to people who are in the network – they always have great ideas on promotion, PR and dessemination of our tech into public hands. Usually I have a lot of these great ideas I learn at convention written in my notebook so I can use them in my organization 

over the next year.

It is also the opportunity to listen to great speakers and get excellent brainstorming on how to apply what I learn in my area.

And of course, when you attend Convention, you feel that teamwork and spirit of not being the only one! You really feel that we, as a group, are expanding and making a great impact on the whole planet; not just in my sector. And it gives a huge impulse to work harder, knowing that there are a lot more of “our” people!  This impulse can really only be felt by attending this Convention 

– to get the “mass” of it!

–Ekaterina Kaizer

APS Czech Republic

It is a great, exciting experience that happens just once a year!  

You meet like-minded people with the same purpose from around the world. You hear inspirational stories and attend 

interesting seminars that give you tips from practice how and what things can be done and you get updated on what's happening around the world and what the plans are for the future in 

Applied Scholastics. 

It is a nice boost-up in a lovely place with great food!  It is a "simply must not miss experience!" 

See you there in summer!

– Andrea Macháčková

Every Kid's a Genius

I have been tutoring in the Applied Scholastics network for over 20 years.  It has been one of the most rewarding activities that I have ever done, because it aligns with my basic purpose to help children succeed in life.  I discovered long ago that study technology is the most powerful tool one can use in teaching anyone anything.  I have taught children to read, helped a student who was failing high school get into college, recovered lives of teenagers who were struggling with drugs and criminality and even helped a friend pass the bar exam, all with study technology.

The Applied Scholastics Convention is like a giant get together of all my favorite educators. We get to catch up with each other, share great stories about our students and discuss how we can make what we do even better for them. I am looking forward to this year’s convention, I have so much to share and I am excited to hear what’s new. I look forward to meeting new people this year and 

I hope to see you there!

– Sigrid Burket

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